Jason Deign is a regular contributor to a range of energy industry publications, including GreentechMedia, New Energy Insider and Solarplaza, and the author of industry reports for brands such as A Word About Wind, Energy Storage Update and PV Insider. He publishes a weekly newsletter called Energy Storage Report, dedicated to the energy storage industry, and is the director of the editorial services agency Jason Deign Associates and a non-executive director with Tamarindo Communications, a clean-tech consultancy.Jason Deign, Energy Storage Report  

Valts leads Delta-ee's Energy Storage Research Service and provides analysis of the insights from Delta-ee’s Heat Insight Service customer panel. He also provides support for a range of research and consultancy projects on various low carbon and renewable technologies. Before joining Delta-ee he worked in civil engineering industry as a project manager for Katleri Ltd and as an electrical engineer for ABB Ltd. Valts holds an MSc in Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation from Heriot-Watt University and holds BEng in Power and Electrical Engineering from Riga Technical University.  

Burak Türker has broad technical and economic knowledge of applied energy storage systems. He holds a PhD in energy storage engineering and worked as a scientist for 5 years, doing research with Lithium Ion and Flow Battery technologies for electric transport and stationary applications. Prior to that, he was involved in various renewable energy integration projects in Germany. He specifically worked for grid and market integration of wind power by utilizing energy storage technologies including batteries and hydrogen storage. He also worked with biomass gasification technologies and authored publications in the fields of energy storage and biomass energy.
At Younicos Burak has coordinated consulting projects, written studies and worked in sales engineering. In his current position as Sales Solution Engineer, he manages C&I clients and projects with an emphasis on Younicos’ Y.Cube containerized energy storage solution.
Younicos is the pioneer and market leader in game-changing energy and grid solutions based on battery storage. The company provide utilities, independent power producers, microgrids and C&I customers with turnkey storage systems, supporting a wide range of business opportunities – from frequency response to peak shaving and capacity to integrated photovoltaic (PV) plus storage solutions and grid-forming renewable energy systems.
With 150 MW deployed and a further 50 MW under construction, Younicos has unparalleled experience including a Y.Cube system that will combine PV+S, C&I and micro-grid applications at a Panasonic facility in Denver, Colorado. Younicos is based in Berlin, Germany and Austin, Texas, where it operates MW-scale Technology Centers and 24/7 O&M services.  

Oscar joined ata renewables as the COO and partner in 2009, and he became a member of the Board of Directos two years later. 

He has worked in a large number of CSP, PV and storage projects since 2004 when he joined Abengoa.

Oscar has focused his career on the field of solar energy. In 2002 he started in the Automatic Control and Systems Department at the University of Seville, where he focused on the design and engineering of control systems for concentrated solar applications, such as CPV trackers, CSP tower heliostats and CSP troughs. In parallel, he joined MP Macpuarsa, a Spanish multinational, where he was involved in due diligence services for renewable energy projects, in particular solar and wind energy. He started in the Research and Development Department of Abengoa Solar in 2004 , where he was a project coordinator for research projects under the European Union’s V and VI Framework Program such as Seville PV, CAC, Hicon PV or Natama; project manager in connection with thin-film technology, inverters, solar hydrogen and solar materials; and design engineer of PS10 (the first CSP tower operating in a commercial basis). In 2007 he became the Research and Development Director in Abengoa Solar. During this time, he grew and consolidated the PV team in Abengoa; created an internal PV lab for testing materials and different module technologies as well as CPV module prototypes; established research agreements with

European Universities and Research Centers such as Ciemat, University Complutense of Madrid, CSIC, and Fraunhofer ISE, among others; and led international business development activities in solar power. At the end of 2007, he moved to the US to coordinate Abengoa Solar activities in photovoltaics as PV Division Director. He coordinated research and development activities and led a team of 25 scientists from the University of California Merced, University of Rochester NY, NREL and SAIC to develop a proprietary CPV technology for Abengoa Solar; he coordinated business development activities and power plant development in PV technology. Additionally, he has authored over 10 scientific articles in solar energy, has participated as a speaker in international conferences such as PVSEC, IEEE and CPV today, and has filed three international patent applications for CPV systems.